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Video To DVD, Video Editor, 8mm to DVD, Video Production, Video Transfer, Videography, Graphic Design, Animation, Audio Mastering, Audio Recording, Audio Composing, Audio Producing, Labeling, Printing, Consultations, One-on-One lessons and much more.

Welcome to VideoCat Productions, Reno's top local business for quality audio, video transfers and production services since 1985!

Over the past thirty years, VideoCat has served thousands of organizations and clients in the biggest little city of Reno, Nevada.

At our home-based studio in Mid-Town we transfer a plethora of audio and visual formats ranging from slides and 8mm film to HDV and Blue-Ray.

We also offer professional Event Filming, Post-Production Editing, Graphic Design, Audio Mastering, and Audio Composing, all at affordably competitive rates.

Here at VideoCat we thrive on providing peace of mind to our clients by handling their projects with the utmost care. We know how delicate and precious these materials are, and we take pride in getting projects done flawlessly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction always comes first, and a happy customer is a happy VideoCat!

No matter what your need, VideoCat's caring and expert service is just around the corner. Come down to our studio today - where we preserve memories and bring your visions to life.


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